Pampered in Paradise: Maui Resort Spa Treatments

A good spa can transport you. The finest do so while remaining rooted in their surroundings. Using Maui as inspiration — from locally sourced ingredients to a massage performed in the ocean — these treatments will have you drifting away like an island breeze.


maui luxury spa

A Win for the Weekend Warrior

Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Kea Lani

spa lounge
Relax in Willow Stream’s coed lounge.

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Blissfully zoned-out, I lost track of all the stages of this multilayered treatment. Noelle, who administered my remedy, also had a hand in creating this experience. She started with a very satisfying Maui sugar and citrus scrub, followed by the ‘awa and aloe body mask to relieve tension and muscle stress while also detoxifying the skin. After swaddling me in warm towels from neck to toe, Noelle gently massaged a cooling kukui-nut oil to my face, then worked on my scalp while coating my hair in an ‘awapuhi (shampoo ginger) mask. The scent of the rainforest swirled around my nostrils, as though I were on a deep jungle trek. Feeling like a satiated glazed doughnut, I showered off and returned to the table for Noelle to apply the finishing touch: a massage with Maui vanilla-bean dry oil. Dry oil, you say? Let me explain. The main ingredient is fractionated coconut oil that is formulated to be easily absorbed and not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. The smells of lemongrass and bergamot, combined with the vanilla, had me drifting back to memories of orange Creamsicles in summer. My skin felt so good, I couldn’t stop touching it.

mens spa treatment mauiA FIX FOR: Inspired by the Makahiki season of ancient Hawai‘i, and the herbs and tonics warriors used to relieve bodily tension, this treatment delivered in spades. Like any self-respecting warrior in unfamiliar territory, I was wary about lowering my defenses. But by the end, the tension and aches of life’s battles were gone, and I was ready to take on the world — or at least a weekend full of yard work.

mens spa maui
Heated-tile loungers in the men’s spa—and yes, they’re comfortable.

THE PERKS: The spa is generous in amenities for the male of the species: a men’s-only lounge with big-screen TV, steam room, sauna, and heated-tile loungers. Ever wonder what it would be like to go through a car wash sans car? Try out the power shower, a refreshing way to rinse off without soaping away the nourishing oils from your treatment (just be sure to pat dry). The adjacent rainfall shower is a refreshing cooldown and welcome relief for overtanned hides. The coed lounge offers refreshments designed to detox, de-stress, digest . . . and make one want to linger.

NICE SURPRISE: Great value for such a high-quality and lengthy treatment.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Have you ever had an itch in the middle of your back, and once you found a back scratcher to attend to it, the relief was enough to make you melt? That’s what the sugar scrub felt like, but all over my body. I was afraid it was going to feel abrasive, but I couldn’t get enough — which is usually the case when it comes to me and sugar. And this treat was calorie free.

THE COST: $279 for 90 minutes — John Giordani
*Please verify current pricing on spa websites.

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