7 Splendid Spas

Forget the furs and fancy cars. For our money, nothing is more luxurious than placing yourself in the hands of an expert massage therapist. In an endless quest to keep our readers informed, several of our colleagues gallantly volunteered to test some of the spa treatments around the island and report back. They’re still looking way too blissful.


Ritz Carlton Maui spa

Young Again

I love a good facial. In my youth, I was happy to have expert fingers massaging muscles I hadn’t known existed, and rubbing in rich products that exfoliated and hydrated my skin. Afterward, my face felt luscious and clean, and that was enough. At sixty-five, I need a little more help. I want a facial that will soften those well-earned fine lines, even my skin tone, and bring back a youthful glow. I’ve found two right here on Maui. Here’s the first:

The Ritz-Carlton Signature Waihua Facial

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment will not only help fade fine lines, it actually plumps the skin, improves skin tone and leaves you looking radiant. It’s a wonderful treatment to have before special events; receiving it at the Ritz makes it even better.

I recommend arriving early so that you can enjoy the steam room, as well as a soak in the lovely hot tub. Afterwards, wrap yourself in your soft, comfy robe, and take a few minutes to relax in the quiet room, where you can enjoy a cup of tea and some sweet treats. By the time your therapist comes to lead you into bliss, you will be halfway there. Then prepare to float away during the steam, cleanse, and facial massage . . . I know I did. (Of course, I chose the 80-minute, $295 treatment, giving my therapist, Cheryl, extra time to pamper me). Afterwards, Cheryl assessed my skin, and chose the serum best suited for me. No surprise, she chose Rejuvenate, designed to diminish the appearance of fine lines while enhancing hydration. Other serums address skin tone, acne, and expression lines. Whichever your choice, the key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a molecule found naturally in our skin (and the substance in some injectable fillers). Its job is to attract and bind moisture, helping skin look firmer and hydrated. But it is the oxygen, delivered with light pressure through a wand, that literally pushes the vitamins and antioxidants deep into the skin. The sensation is a pleasant, cooling blast of air applied to your entire face. The noticeably gorgeous results last four to seven days. This is a perfect treatment for wedding week, holidays, or anytime you want to look fab. —DHW

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