7 Splendid Spas

Forget the furs and fancy cars. For our money, nothing is more luxurious than placing yourself in the hands of an expert massage therapist. In an endless quest to keep our readers informed, several of our colleagues gallantly volunteered to test some of the spa treatments around the island and report back. They’re still looking way too blissful.


Hyatt Maui spa

Winging It

I had no idea what I was getting into. Most of you fellas would have thought the same —you go to a spa for a manly massage, not a facial, pedicure and wingtip relief. Apparently I have wings and they occasionally need relief! Off to the Hyatt I flew. Dubbed Kamaha‘o (Hawaiian for “wonderful”), this Marilyn Monroe spa is steps from the Ka‘anapali sand; it’s likely the most oceanfront spa on Maui. After check-in, I was led to the well-designed men’s locker room, with its sauna, steam room, whirlpool and private showers. Feeling a little like Hugh Hefner in the plush robe and slippers they provided, I sauntered over to meet Nikki, the aesthetician who would administer the Gentleman’s Classic Facial ($140). She described in detail what I could expect over the next fifty minutes. I asked whether my moustache would make a difference; she said no.

Nikki applied white willow-bark extract and other organic products fragrant with the natural scents of orange, sage and rosemary in a multilayered process of cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and softening. My favorite part was the extraction, during which she decongested especially clogged pores. After painting on a cooling mask, she massaged my shoulders and arms. Once the mask was removed, my face felt rejuvenated and ready to smile as I greeted Maria, who would administer the next treatments. It was time to unfurl my wings.

I nestled into a mani/pedi lounge chair, hypnotized by the spectacularly close ocean view. The “wingtip” in Wingtip Relief refers to the shoes worn by discerning businessmen back in the day. On an island where footwear is a sole and a strap, let’s face it, our feet suffer. Throw in my habit of gardening in said footwear and you have potential for dubious toe situations. I strongly recommend combining the Wingtip Relief ($40, 20 minutes) with a pedicure ($65, 30 minutes) to get the full foot-pampering experience. The Wingtip Relief entailed scraping away dead skin and callouses, and an aromatic foot scrub that exfoliated and cleansed. Add the blissful massage of feet, shins and calves, and I was ready to jitterbug. The pedicure was gentle but thorough, leaving my toenails spotless. I opted for the buffing of the nails as opposed to the synthetic clear coat. Within seconds my toenails shone like a Cadillac. I think Marilyn would approve. —JG

Kamaha‘o: A Marilyn Monroe Spa
Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa
200 Nohea Kai Drive, Ka‘anapali
808-667-4500 | MarilynMonroeSpas.com

Kamaha‘o offers monthly membership rates that include unlimited spa services. 


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