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Who says there’s nothing new under the sun? Maui’s spas are introducing enticingly innovative treatments. Details? Step right inside.

montage sound bath
Paul Barmier brings new meaning to “good vibrations during a sound bath at Spa Montage.

Sound Therapy

Story by Shannon Wianecki

THE TREATMENT:  Sacred Sound Bath & Meditation | Spa Montage Kapalua Bay | 1 Bay Drive, Kapalua |  808-662-6600  |  MontageHotels.com/SpaMontage/en/KapaluaBay

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Christina Felty and Paul Balmer lead an hour of meditation accompanied by a concert of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal quartz bowls, and wind and water gongs.

BEST FOR: People who are curious about meditation, but can’t get their monkey mind to quit talking. It’s also good for practicing meditators who like to dive deeper into the subconscious realm with the help of sumptuous music.

THE FIX: Sound therapy is a great entrée into deep relaxation and can unlock deep-seated emotional blocks. By focusing on the dynamic rhythms and frequencies, people can downshift from the beta state (normal waking consciousness) to the alpha (relaxed consciousness), theta (meditative) and delta (sleep) states, where most healing occurs.

THE PERKS: The atmosphere is transcendent even before the music starts. The spa’s yoga studio is lit by the flickering glow of two giant torches visible through the picture windows. Christina and Paul’s impressive array of instruments is enthralling: dozens of hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, and Koshi chimes arranged in front of two large gongs. Throughout the meditation, the music builds to a crescendo, softens, then builds again, taking participants on an ethereal and sometimes dramatic sound journey.

maui sound bath
Christina Felty, who has studied sound and vibrational therapy, guides others in this meditative practice using Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and gongs. During a sound bath, participants lie in the Shavasana pose as practitioners play notes at various frequencies to help ease the mind.

TIPS: Christina and Paul invite everyone to write down an intention for the evening’s practice. Spend a few minutes before class thinking about what you would like to release from or evoke in your life. Consider bringing a favorite sarong or light blanket to snuggle up under. The room temperature is perfectly comfortable, but an extra layer of familiar coziness might help you melt into relaxation.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: During my session, the sound therapy experience reached its pinnacle when Christina Felty brought the concert to each person. As she played a Tibetan bowl a few inches above my head, the majestic sound reverberated from my crown to my toes and back again, tuning my entire body to a new and marvelous music. Next she activated my “third eye” with a single drop of water. This sounded a little woo-woo at first—until I was lying still on my mat, suspended in a state of relaxation; with that single touch, my entire being aligned like a laser beam.

THE COST: 60 minutes, $30

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