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Banchan (pickled and marinated vegetables) by nattokimchee


Two great chefs at one great venue: your home! A protégé of Chef Hiro Sone, MiJin Kang worked at Sone’s Terra in Napa and Ame in San Francisco. More recently she was chef de cuisine at Ka‘ana Kitchen at Andaz Maui. Her partner (and husband), Takuya Toride, helped open Napa’s Morimoto, was a chef at Spruce (a Michelin-starred restaurant in San Francisco), and a sous chef at The Mill House at Maui Tropical Plantation. Korean and Japanese ethnicities ground their food style; “nattokimchee” derives from natto (a fermented soybean staple in Japan) and kimchee (any spicy fermented vegetable with chilies and garlic). “Our food is inspired by the intricacy of Japanese culinary technique, as well as the bold flavors of Korean food,” says MiJin. “We also support Maui agriculture by incorporating our island’s freshest ingredients.” Menus built to your preferences may include appetizers of grilled root vegetables with preserved citrus vinaigrette, handmade pork gyoza with finadene — the salty, spicy Guamanian condiment is a shout-out to where MiJin was raised — and focaccia with burrata, tomato and ume vinaigrette. Entrées may include koji chicken, fresh fish in herb dashi, and pork chops in miso-mustard sauce. The duo recently returned from Korea, Japan and Guam, gathering new ideas and recipes for the next soul-satisfying food experience to tantalize your taste buds. Try nattokimchee!

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