Catering to Your Appetites

Whatever your taste, whatever the event, these companies really deliver.

sushi birthday cake
OGO’s sushi “birthday cake,” layered sashimi, cucumbers and sushi rice, “frosted” with avocado-garlic purée


Ogo is the Japanese word for seaweed, and private chef/caterer Grant Oura uses cases of it each week. Catering to the sashimi and sushi masses has never been easy, but Grant can accommodate pescatarians, vegetarians and carnivores alike with his repertoire of creative rice rolls. His team delivers platters of sashimi with ‘ahi, ‘ōpakapaka, ono, he‘e (octopus) or whatever else a raw-fish lover’s heart desires. His seared garlic hamachi roll with shrimp tempura and spicy tuna will rock your world with its freshness, crunch, and a chili-pepper kick.

Or how about a Grant original sushi cake layered with fresh ‘ahi, hamachi, cucumbers and sushi rice covered in avocado-garlic purée? Fun is the name of Grant’s game, but he’s serious about making your catered event a happy success. Free delivery in Central Maui.

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