Tops of the Morning


Paia Bowls

It was one of those mornings: I could feel my body hollering, “Antioxidants! Minerals! Vitamins and heart-healthy food!” Açai bowl to the rescue! I picked one with bee pollen, ground hemp seeds on crunchy hemp granola, goji berries, strawberries and papaya. Sitting at a table under the canopy of trees — coconut, kukui, banana and a feathery monkeypod — I could feel myself rejuvenating with each bite.

Tucked behind Puka Puka, Paia Bowls is the partnership of brothers/professional surfers Ian and Luke Walsh; you’re likely to run into other ocean athletes grabbing a Surf Bowl (pure açai), or a Blend Bowl (a combo of puréed berries).

The fruit of the South American açai palm, açai is touted for its antioxidants, immune-system support and other health claims. A favorite of Gen X-ers and millennials, it truly is a great plant-based alternative to traditional breakfast. Ian and Luke’s menu also includes 100 percent Maui coffee, fresh fruit smoothies, kombucha on tap, samovar tea and twenty-two topping choices for your açai bowl — from protein powder, chia seeds and peanut butter, to a variety of fresh island fruit. 43 Hāna Highway, Pā‘ia, 214-6504,


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