Move over, Sugar Plums: Maui Desserts

Dining Diva’s list of Maui’s Best Desserts.


Checkerboard Coconut Cake
Black Rock Steak & Seafood, Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa

checkerboard cakeHas your cake and ice cream ratio ever been off? It’s as annoying as a stone in your stiletto. Either you have cake left over at the end of your ice cream, or ice cream left over at the end of your cake. What’s a diva to do? Fortunately, the pastry chefs at the beautiful Sheraton Maui Resort have created an ingenious method for achieving perfect proportions with this stunning dessert.

The chefs bake, then freeze, dense layers of dark-chocolate cake, then mold Roselani coconut ice cream into the same size pan while it’s creamy and not yet frozen solid. Next, the chocolate cake and coconut ice cream are each cut into slices and assembled together in alternate layers: cake, ice cream, cake, ice cream . . . then frozen again. Finally, the combined layers are sliced one more time and rotated alternately. Check. Mate.

Voila! Equal amounts of cake and ice cream effectively turn every bite into the perfect mouthful. That hint of coconut in the ice cream imparts an unmistakable and delightful island twist. With a flourish of whipped cream on top and strawberries on the side, few desserts are more fetching in a holiday photograph.

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