Move over, Sugar Plums: Maui Desserts

Dining Diva’s list of Maui’s Best Desserts.


Baklava Ice Cream Cake
Pita Paradise

best baklava mauiI remember as if it were yesterday. I had just moved to Maui and was homesick for the Middle Eastern foods of my native city. A compassionate soul directed me to Pita Paradise, where a lunch of grilled pita, authentic Greek salad, and fresh-hooked fish kabobs revived my spirits. My favorite ethnic cuisine existed on Maui! Maybe I would stay. Raise a family, get a job.

With renewed vigor and hope, I glanced at the neighboring tables on the lanai, wondering if divas were expected to bus their own plates. That’s when I spied it: Baklava ice cream cake. I had to have it.

Baklava, dessert of the gods! Its multiple paper-thin sheets of dough are layered with butter and chopped walnuts, doused with cinnamon-spiced honey syrup, then baked until the dough is golden and flakey. Imagine such a confection wedged between sky-high layers of Roselani vanilla-bean ice cream. It’s a match made in heaven that’s sweet as sin.

Order an entire cake for your next holiday bash. Buy it for me and I’ll follow you anywhere.

» Kihei Kalama Village, 1913 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei • 808.875.7679
» 34 Wailea Gateway Center, Wailea • 808.879-7177 • Open daily, 11 am-9:30 pm



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