Maui Beaches for Kids

Get the most of the coast with our age-appropriate picks for kids from toddler to teen.

Nuu landing
Maui Beach: Nu‘u Landing. Photo by Judy Edwards

13 & Beyond

If the mere suggestion of going to the beach with Mom and Dad now elicits eye-rolling, exploring the rugged coastline at Nu‘u Landing may be the perfect solution. The vast, textured expanse of leeward Haleakalā can offer perspective on petty high-school dramas, and its very remoteness will help the whole family unplug from devices and connect in a more primal way: tuning in to the howling wind skipping across the ridge lines, lulling into the meditative pace of waves polishing boulders against one another, ruminating on found remains — bits of fish bones, feathers, and lobster shells — and weaving their story.

Protected by the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, this culturally conservation land is dotted with ancient Hawaiian archaeological sites, a thriving native wetland (bring binoculars and a birding book!), and is a favorite spot for local fishermen. For the adventurous, camping is permitted; there’s a pit toilet, but not much else. Twice a year, the land trust offers guided, interpretive tours. Visit for more information.

Plan B: Waihe‘e Coastal Dunes & Wetlands Refuge



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