Modern Family Retreat

Designer Tim Tattersall planned the home around an existing 25-foot-high spiral staircase.

“It’s unusual to have a dining table in the middle of a large room, but here it creates a natural separation between two distinct seating areas,” says Tattersall.

“We very much wanted this house to be family-friendly and make it appealing for the grandkids,” adds the homeowner. “We added many features to that effect.”

Case in point: the seating area to the left of the dining table. A large white sofa and overstuffed chairs, by the upscale-furnishings company RH, are piled with blue and white cushions and look inviting, but also — speaking as a mom — risky.

“How do you keep these clean with all the visiting grandkids?” I ask, imagining the horror of flying grape juice and thick splats of pizza sauce.

“All the furniture is covered with Sunbrella fabric,” says Tattersall. “Spills bead up and roll right off. It costs a little more up front, but it lasts for years and still looks like new.”

The seating area to the far right features more indestructible Sunbrella-clad furniture and what appears to be a large wooden sculpture.

“Go ahead and sit in it,” urges the homeowner. I do and find that it’s actually a chaise lounge with curves in all the right places to support your legs, arms and lower back. The piece was created by a local couple in Ha‘ikū, Dennis and Lucretia Holtzer, who carved it from a large mango
tree trunk.



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