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Sometimes the greatest luxury is having room for all your friends.

Kanaha kitchen
Sapele-wood cabinetry lends warmth and beauty to a kitchen designed for cooks who love company. (The beveled edges required a special saw.) A wood-and-frosted-glass door in the hall leads to the butler’s pantry.

Inside, generous use of wood and stone tames the bold, rectilinear geometry, and contributes a warmth and human scale that ties the home to nature. “Contemporary architecture can be sterile,” Jim says. “Liberal use of sapele wood, with its prominent grain, as well as travertine and blue rock, makes the house modern, yet tactile and friendly at the same time.”

The great room’s three rounded, glass-enclosed balconies also soften the home’s straight lines. “The curvature adds architectural interest, and lends a dynamic character to the room,” Karen explains. “We view the balconies as a metaphor for the shoreline,” adds Jim. “They’re sensuous and organic.”

They also believe that incorporating as many indigenous elements as possible gives a vacation home a solid sense of place. “We designed a house in Lake Tahoe around a granite boulder that sat in the middle of the lot,” says Karen. “We wrapped the staircases around the rock, and made it into a fireplace.”

The couple treasures the property’s strong connection to nature. “The ocean is so close, you can literally go fishing right out back,” says Jim. “While the house was being built, the construction workers caught fish for their lunch every day, and grilled it on site.”


Arri/LeCron Architects
James LeCron & Karen Arri-Lecron
109 Oliver Road, Santa Barbara, California
805-966-4034 | ArriLeCron.com

Chris Curtis Landscapes
808-575-2367 | ChrisCurtisLandscapes.com

Maui Waterscapes (pool, spa, water features)
365 Ho‘ohana Street, Unit 6E, Kahului
808-877-0413 | MauiWaterscapes.com

Ownby Design (interior design)
Claire Ownby
7144 Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona
480-575-8448 | OwnbyDesign.com

Padilla Designs (gates)
808-879-0938 | PadillaDesigns.com



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