Just in Case . . .

25 essentials every bride must bring to the Big Day. Pack this emergency kit for a worry-free wedding.


No matter how carefully you plan your wedding, something can always go wrong. We can’t promise you a cloudless sky, or keep your maid of honor from catching a cold, but we did ask professional wedding coordinator Carolee Higashino, owner of A White Orchid Wedding, how to better your odds. Her advice? Be prepared. Here’s what every savvy bride should have on hand:

1. aromatherapy candles, lotion, affirmation cards . . . whatever calms you
2. aspirin, antacid, naproxen
3. beach slippers  for sunset photos—try standing in stilettos on the sand!
4. Benadryl for unexpected allergies
5. candy bar to counteract low blood sugar
6. crayons and bubbles—great for fidgety youngsters
7. dental floss, white strips and mints for sweet kisses and a gleaming smile
8. insect repellent, so no bites that show in photos
9. extra makeup kit (powder, lipstick, blush) for refreshing at photo shoot
10. feminine needs
11. first-aid kit
12. hairspray
13. hand sanitizer
14. hankies or tissues for bride, bridesmaids and moms
15. iPod with calming music to play while you’re getting ready
16. nail glue
17. nail-polish remover
18. pins: safety, straight, bobby
19. pocketknife
20. razor
21. scissors and sewing kit for last-minute repairs
22. Shout wipes
23. sunscreen
24. tweezers
25. water

Pack everything in a rolling suitcase ahead of time for simple transport and getaway at the end of the evening.


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