The Joy of Sustainability

Joy Galatro’s days are filled with stories of preservation and giving back.


By Felix Sunny D’Souza

Joy Galatro

Joy Galatro

Marketing Director, Pacific Biodiesel

Joy Galatro is the quintessential storyteller. She began working in branding and public relations early on in her career and has been able to combine those skills with her passion for art and writing as the current marketing director for Pacific Biodiesel. “I think storytelling is critical to sustainability,” says Galatro. “When people emotionally connect with a company, a product or a cause, they want to tell others about [your brand]. That word of mouth helps propel everything forward and sustains momentum.”

Growing up on Maui, Galatro spent her time immersed in nature and developed a lifelong passion for environmentalism, a passion she is now able to support through her career. “Pacific Biodiesel is a pioneer in renewable energy, and they created the first retail biodiesel pump in America right here on Maui,” she says. “It’s so rewarding to be part of a company that is recycling, farming sustainably and making natural products for the local community.”

Last year in particular highlighted the need to support local businesses and communities, especially in terms of food security. “It was promising to see programs put into place to help support local farmers and food producers, and … to have chefs use our culinary oils in these efforts to provide locally sourced meals for the community,” Galatro says. “Bob King, [co-owner of Pacific Biodiesel] always says that sustainability is local. Along those lines, Native Hawaiians understand that if nature does not survive, we do not survive.”

In her spare time, Galatro volunteers with Mana‘o Radio, Maui’s only commercial-free, independent radio station. She loves music and was blown away by their eclectic selection. “When I learned that the station was run 100 percent by volunteers, I immediately offered to interview their deejays and share their stories,” she says.

Galatro is also proud to fuel her car with her company’s biodiesel, a biodegradable, non-toxic fuel manufactured on Hawaii Island. “Working with sustainability rock stars Bob and Kelly King is a dream,” she says.


  1. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when like-minded people work together. Thank you Joy for your passion and sense of community on a local and global level. Keep telling those stories and sharing JOY!


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