Jackfruit of all Trades

jackfruit burger
Dressed up in sweet caramelized Maui onions and BBQ sauce, jackfruit can mimic meat and tempt even a carnivore’s palate. Scroll down for an easy recipe for BBQ jackfruit sandwich.

Perhaps you have seen jackfruit in Mana Foods or Whole Foods Market, and been put off by its sheer size and dubious appearance. But as locals say, “No be scared! Try ‘em!” In fact, jackfruit is as versatile and delicious as it is odd looking. Wrigley’s used an extract of this tropical fruit with the tutti-frutti smell to flavor its Juicy Fruit gum. I’ve made liqueur and li hing mui from jackfruit; candied and dried it; curried the green, unripe fruit; and used it in BBQ sandwiches. Almost every part is edible, and although its preparation takes time and patience, the rewards are many. You can separate the flesh from the seeds and enjoy it fresh; and boil the seeds until tender for snacking on, or use them to make hummus.

How to open a jackfruit

how to open jackfruit

1. Look for brown spots on the green skin, which indicates ripeness. 2. Cut the fruit in half crosswise. 3. Core the inedible center. 4 & 5. Cut a wedge and separate the segments. 6. Separate seed from fruit. 7. Yellow segments are ready for eating; seeds are ready for boiling—or for planting.

Try this easy recipe for BBQ jackfruit sandwich:

1 & 2. Sauté one large, diced onion in vegetable oil until caramelized. 3. Add four cups of jackfruit, one to two teaspoons of tamari or soy sauce, and one cup of your favorite BBQ sauce. 4. Stir and simmer in sauce twenty to thirty minutes, until tender, adding water as needed if it becomes too dry. Serve on a toasted-onion burger bun with a thick slice of ripe tomato, lettuce and vegan mayo. Enjoy!

Web Exclusive: Get a recipe for Halohalo Popsicles.

Halo Halo Popsicles
Halohalo Popsicles: a creamy, frozen coconut pop! Ube (purple sweet potato) layered atop a jackfruit-studded pop.

Halohalo Pops*

What to do with a leftover purple sweet potato? Make a creamy, frozen coconut pop! Lāna‘i island chef Adam Tabura, of The Great Food Truck Race, shares his recipe for halohalo pops: ube (purple sweet potato) layered atop a jackfruit-studded pop. (Find more recipes in Chef Adam’s book A Filipino Kitchen.)

Click here for HaloHalo Popiscles Recipe



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