Chefs on a Roll: Gourmet Food Trucks

What drives a great chef? Ingredients? Creativity? Meticulous attention to detail? We’d say all of the above. And what do great chefs drive? Food trucks, of course! (Find them on Facebook and Instagram—they do get around.)

Wokaholic food truck
Wokaholic’s dry-pot shrimp with Sichuan peppercorns is spicy heaven. Cooked in a traditional broth and served over rice, the shrimp dish is packed with exciting flavors.


Even before the 2018 opening of pastry chef Yi Song’s Sichuanese food truck, anticipation teased everyone’s minds. What did this young graduate of the UH-Maui College Culinary Arts Program—a protégé of Rising Star chef Jojo Vasquez—have in mind? In her lilting Chinese accent, Yi confides, “I had the idea of doing Sichuanese food when Jonathan Gold introduced his Sichuanese restaurant, Chengdu Taste, to Los Angeles diners. I couldn’t stop [thinking] how awesome it would be if I could contribute to Maui’s food scene [by introducing] my home town cuisine.” I start with a cup of Yi’s green tea, imported from Fujian, China’s most prestigious tea-growing province. Fruity and flavored with jasmine, its high floral notes set my taste buds singing. For the entrée, I order the cold chicken noodle: shreds of white meat napped in Mama Yi’s secret Szechuan peppercorn vinaigrette, served atop chilled wheat noodles. It’s the perfect foil for a hot West Maui day. Is heat more your thing? Try the spicy dry-pot shrimp with long-grain rice. And if you’re looking for a flavor bomb, Yi’s dan dan noodles are so good, your toes will curl with delight. See you in Chengdu! Oops, I mean, Honokōwai! Broke Da Mouth Food Truck Park, across from Times, 3350 Honoapi‘ilani Hwy., Honokōwai; and 130 Kai Malina Pkwy., Kā‘anapali; 446-6070; IG: @WokaholicMaui; FB: Wokaholic

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