Excellence in Sustainability 2018


How did Andaz Maui earn 2018’s Excellence in Sustainability award? Let Kelly King, vice president of Pacific Biodiesel, count the ways:

“Even before it purchased and renovated the former Wailea Beach Resort, Andaz showed its commitment to environmental responsibility. During construction, Andaz reused 93 percent of the structural walls, floors and roof; and what it didn’t recycle, it replaced with healthier low-emission materials, from flooring to paint. Andaz doesn’t just recycle on property; they recycled the actual property!”

excellence in sustainability

The hotel installed a solar-thermal system to improve energy efficiency, and practices environmental stewardship in myriad ways. Landscaping staff maintain the grounds without gasoline-powered equipment, mulching green waste to hold moisture and reduce the need for irrigation. “Even its coconut trees don’t just beautify the landscape,” says King. “The hotel harvests the nuts and dehydrates the meat to create body scrubs and massage oil for its spa.” Guests receive reusable, recycled, BPA-free water bottles, and the hotel recycles 100 percent of the glass bottles used in its bars and restaurants—guestroom glassware is made from recycled wine bottles.

Andaz lends bicycles to guests free of charge, and has placed EV stations on the property, with free charging for employees.

Stewardship doesn’t stop at the property line. Andaz adopted a stretch of highway along Kealia Pond, a national wildlife refuge home to thirty species of waterfowl, shorebirds and migratory ducks.

“Andaz is an exemplary member of the Maui community,” says King. “With so many local resorts and visitor facilities now focusing on sustainability, the bar for this award has been set pretty high.”


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