Great Finds: Behind the Green Door

Eco-Friendly Gift Items for Bed and Bath


Pureand-true1. You Glow, Girl!

O‘ahu-based Pure + True Organic Beauty specializes in organic cosmetics and luxury skin care. Their Glow Intensive C Rejuvenating Serum promises “to promote collagen synthesis and lighten hyperpigmentation,” improve skin and reduce the signs of aging. Based on our experience, it keeps its promise.

1.9 oz., $78
At the Kapalua Spa
(808) 665-8282

Photo: Cecilia Fernández Romero

2. The Great Brush-off

Natural cactus bristles help this Elemis body brush exfoliate, improve circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Avoid using on sensitive areas (hey, it’s cactus), and keep dry. (Hello, it’s cactus.)

At Mandara Spa in the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort
(808) 891-8774

Organic-pillow3. Sleeping Beauty

Here’s a thought to keep you up at night: Mattresses made with polyurethane foam and synthetic latex can outgas chemicals you inhale while asleep. Organic Mattresses Inc. uses all-natural materials.

At Maui Living Furniture Gallery, 285 Hukilike St., Kahului
(808) 871-6406

4. Have a Seat, Cinderella

The ultimate recyclable? Antiques! This French slipper chair from around the late nineteenth century is in very good condition, says master woodworker Peter Naramore. It’s one of the finds at his Kingswood Shop in Keokea.

At Peter Naramore’s Kingswood Shop in Keokea
(808) 878-3626

Lush_dusting_powder5. Between the Sheets

The folks at Lush use only fresh, organic ingredients in their Karma Bubble Bar and Dusting Powder. Rub on a bit of bubble bar for sweet-smelling body glitter. Sprinkle the powder on your skin and in your sheets; a little goes a long way.

3.5 oz. bar is 7.65; 3.5 oz. powder is $11.25

At the Lush Store
713 Front St., Lahaina
(808) 661-1199
Photo: Cecilia Fernández Romero


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