How to Create the Home of Your Dreams


MNKO: How do I choose an architect who is right for me?

Jim: As a client, you enter into a close relationship with the architect for a good number of months — maybe years, even. So personality has to work. You want to interview the architect, and make sure that they aren’t cutting you off while you’re talking. Check their references, and see some of their work, if possible.

Frank: If you see eight different homes that this architect has done, and they all look alike, you don’t want to hire them. You want an architect who is designing for you.

Peter: Your home is the largest investment in your life.

Frank: And the most critical in your relationship with your partner. The questions Peter asks his clients are to get unique answers. Every family is different. You’re getting a home that not only meets your budget, but also your lifestyle and your dreams.

Peter: Again, it’s about being honest, letting us know the way you live with your partner. A lot more people than you’d think like to have separate bathrooms. And either they’re embarrassed, or shy, or don’t want to let us know that.

MNKO: I know a couple who love each other dearly, but she can’t sleep in the same bedroom because he snores so badly.

Atom: That’s more common than you would think.



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