The Great Chocolate Challenge

Top chefs spill the cacao beans on four scrumptious desserts. Now you can make them, too.


Ka’ana Kitchen at Andaz Maui

Ka'ana kitchen mousse
Ka’ana Kitchen’s 1-2-3 Chocolate Mousse. Get the RECIPE on page 5
Ka'ana Kitchen
Executive Chef Isaac Bancaco and pastry chef Ashley Nakano of Andaz Maui.

Three ingredients! Chef Ashley Nakano may call it a mousse, but I think it’s even more decadent sans egg yolks. A one-to-one ratio of chocolate and cream make this a dessert lover’s dream. Add a little whipped cream to lighten it and VOILA! Ka’ana Kitchen’s scoop of chocolatey bliss will have you rolling your eyes up toward the heavens. Rich and dense served right out of the refrigerator, the mousse softens as it reaches room temperature. But, it may not have that chance because you’ll want to devour it on the spot. Juxtaposing textures, it’s served with house-made crunchy fried taro and sweet potato chips. Wondering about the combination? Wonder no more, as Chef Ashley’s pairing will have you scooping the last schmear of mousse off the plate in record time. 3350 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea, 573-1234.



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