Chef Chris Kulis Showcases Hawaiian Cuisine


“It was an honor to be invited to join the James Beard American Restaurant at Expo Milan 2015,” said Chef Chris Kulis, Chef de Cuisine at Capsiche at Hotel Wailea. “I have a deep passion for the Hawaiian culinary arts, and am proud to have had the opportunity to showcase traditional Hawaiian cuisine to a large international audience.”

Chef Chris Kulis was chosen among the world’s top culinary talent to showcase at Expo Milan 2015. Chef Kulis was among a group of approximately 50 American chefs chosen to showcase culinary innovation from different regions of the United States. Chef Kulis joined Chef Spike Mendelsohn and Chef Paul Sanguinetti at the James Beard American Restaurant (JBAR). JBAR presents a rotating cast of American chefs, ingredients, beverages and other American delights in the USA Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015

“Chef Kulis’ invitation to and participation in Expo Milan 2015 is testament to the growing popularity and continued innovation of regional Hawaiian cuisine on a global level,” said Daniel Alley, General Manager, James Beard American Restaurant at Seven Stars Galleria. “Over the course of three spectacular evenings, Chef Chris Kulis and Chef Spike Mendelsohn served inspired and diverse menus, celebrating Hawaiian culinary arts on this premier world stage.”

Chefs Kulis & Mendelsohn wowed guests with Hawaiian-inspired dishes including razor clams & taro gnocchi, cesar crudo, Maui lardo and lilikoi tarts. Taking center stage as the headliner on the final evening, Chef Kulis served a five-course menu supported by Chefs Mendelsohn & Sanguinetti. The feast centered on traditional Maui cuisine that included crispy mackerel, grilled tiger prawns and suckling pig.

Maui Chef Chris Kulis
Chef Chris Kulis shows how to make ‘opakapaka with kale-marrow emulsion.

Chef Kulis is recognized as a leader in Hawaiian cuisine, currently serving as Chef de Cuisine at Capische at Hotel Wailea. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Kulis joined Hotel Wailea’s culinary team after a successful tenure as sous chef at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon in California and various positions in the kitchens of dining establishments throughout Europe and the United States. With an enthusiasm for continual learning and world travel, Chef Kulis is a clever authority on cuisine and a charismatic leader in the kitchen, comfortable in global food customs while upholding his passion for the fundamentals of locally grown, high-quality ingredients.


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