Chasing Waves on Maui


maui ocean waves collage

Talk about a surfer’s eye view! For this collage, I called upon friend and surf photographer John Patao — aka “Pataorazzi.” If you see a smiley local guy walking down the beach hauling a massive camera and water housing, it’s probably John. He’s often seen posted up along the shore, snapping action shots of local surfers or chest deep in the water capturing breaking waves.

amazing ocean wave photoFinding the perfect position inside these walls of water while toting all that gear is no small task, but the result is truly awe-inspiring.

Looking at this collage, it reminds me of that saying: “No two snowflakes are alike.” The same can be said about waves — each produces its unique set of colors, shapes and personality. You get everything from surging beach breaks that kick up clouds of sand to gently peeling waves forming a perfect tube. With waves as a muse, you really can’t go wrong. For all you non-surfers out there, enjoy the view. And if you are a surfer, I bet John’s pictures are enough to make you grab your board and head for the ocean.

To see more surf images, visit John’s Facebook page at


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