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Stories by Diane Haynes Woodburn.

Editor’s Letter

E mālama i nāholoholona lōhiu (Care for wildlife) WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY is a business of long hours and patience. As legendary Maui-based whale photographer and co-founder...

Editor’s Letter

Mauka to Makai My mornings start mauka to makai. I strap on my helmet, turn on my high-intensity headlight and check the tire pressure on my...
Diane Woodburn and Tylun Pang

For You, Chef

Chef Pang showed us that taking care of one another is what matters most.
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Diaper Diva

Wishing you a spring filled with sunshine, new beginnings, and people you love.
lilikoi passionfruit

Lilikoi Hunting

Maui No Ka Oi magazine publisher, Diane Haynes Woodburn, shares the perks of living in a tropical paradise on an afternoon excursion to collect lilikoi.
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Just Keep Swimming

Whether your style is to blindly jump in, or to simply test the water with your toes, I hope you find your perfect beach.
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On Honu & Healing

Spontaneous healing isn’t a myth. It just takes a little time.

Me Ka Aloha Pumehana

Maui No Ka Oi magazine publisher, Diane Haynes Woodburn, honors the memory of her father and reflects on the gifts he has left behind.
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Kama‘āina Christmas

Wishing you a kama‘āina Christmas filled with sweetness and spice, respect and love.
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The Porcine Torpedo

What is the quintessential island living story?
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Real and metaphorical sharks.
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Yin Brown Pig—Happy New Year!

The Year of the Pig is a time for calm reflection of the past 11 years.
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Hope, Enterprise and Change

Change is constant, it’s the only thing we can really count on.
Diane Haynes, Jamie Woodburn at Heiau

Written in Stone

‘Ohana is not just the people we are related to, but those who come into our lives and make a difference.
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After the Storm

The aloha we carry in our hearts endures any storm.
Couple in Kaupo Maui

Ready, Fire . . . Aim!

Looking back 20 years to a summer in Kaupo.
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Puddle Jump to Maui

Our publisher shares her vacation stories, then introduces our Travel Issue, where you can find tons of reasons to start exploring Maui.
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Truly the Best

The best is relative, I’ve learned.
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Love, Laugh & Live Pono

We need to honor the wisdom of our past in order to sustain our future.
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Happy 20th Birthday, MNKO!

In 1996, hard work and a true-grit spirit of survival launched Maui No Ka ‘Oi — along with a mentor with a heart.
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Think Content!

Believe in the truth and strength of this message: Pursue happiness.
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A Little Whipped Cream . . .

Wishing you a holiday filled with friends, family, food, love, and a little whipped cream—for the memories.
Diane Haynes soup night

Soup night

Celebrating the luxury of simplicity and sharing.
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Embracing the Tiger

In this New Year, embrace the optimism of the Water Tiger!
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From the Publisher

Maui No Ka Oi Magazine publisher Diane Haynes Woodburn discusses aloha spirit.
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Second Helping

The best of Maui is the stories we share, with love and aloha. We are honored to share them with you.
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The Signs (and Singes) of Summer

The Pacific golden plover's annual flight marks the beginning of summer.

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Into the Wind

Congratulations to all our winners, and to everyone who paddles into the wind, every day.

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