Pau Hana

Pau Hana stories published in Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine.

non traditional maui homes

When a Home Is not a House

Maui folks have been known to live quite happily in trees, caves, yurts, teepees, tack sheds, camper vans and Matson containers.

The Opposite Attraction

Being willing to consider the opposite might just teach you a thing or two about yourself.
kahului airport

Terminal Nostalgia

Mauians and longtime visitors may recall sleepier versions of the Kahului airport.

The Monarch of the Midway

People once called E.K. Fernandez the Barnum of the Pacific, but he was beyond compare, a Hawaiian original.
wailea movie set extra

Do What?

Jack Hagarty recently spent three days as an extra on Adam Sandler’s new romantic comedy Just Go with It, filmed in part on the beach at the Maui Grand Wailea Resort, and also starring Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston.

Beam me up, Dude

Tales of treks through Haleakala Crater.

Wherefore Art?

In big-city academic circles, this school is called “recycled,” “commodified” or “found object” art. Here on Maui, it’s usually just a case of somebody with too many old surfboards.

Surf’s Up!

Hawaiian winters show themselves in big surf and salty windshields. Look out!
sports bagpiper

Pacific Rim

Held at the Lahaina Civic Center gym the week of Thanksgiving, the Maui Invitational has become the preseason showcase for top college basketball teams in the nation.

On the Trail of a Saint

Feflections on Father Damien's sainthood.
uncle sam illustration

Et Tu, Julius?

Few know the role that the Orange Julius franchise played in Hawaii's admission to statehood.
Maui nanny

Confessions of a Hotel Nanny

A nanny never knows whether she’ll spend her time coddling a cranky baby, playing Fish with a four-year-old, or reading a novel on an ocean-view terrace while her charge takes a nap.
maui cruisers

What Goes Around

Find our how the writer's brown Nissan ended up with blue doors, blue hood, blue hatch and blue gas-cap cover.
Hawaiian tourist

Is that Legal?

One writer recounts the humorous scenario experienced by two tourists—in the lobby of Kaanapali Beach Hotel—while visiting during Makahiki Season.
lava church

Under the Volcano

Pele makes the land; Pele takes the land away.
pau hana

Pau Hana

surfers illustration

Eh, Who Dat Ovah Deah?

As Maui moves into the twenty-first century, the unassuming nicknames of the past will likely evolve to suit our more frenetic and capitalistic times.

Ode to Spring: a Draft

Right now it’s spring on Maui. Hold onto your hats!

Pau Hana

How huli huli chicken and Ted’s Bakery pies helped me cross Ka‘iwi Channel.
santa claus

Pau Hana

A Hopeless Santa Claus...
things go bump

Things that go bump…

When it comes to renting, possesion is everything.
fish guts

Pau Hana

Cure du Jure

One Man’s Trash . . .

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Shaken and Stirred

I was jostled awake by what I at first thought was a herd of Upcountry cattle rampaging through my living quarters.
kitchen illustration

A Taste of Reality

On Sunday morning last, I woke to find a breakfast tray on my bedside table with Giles nowhere in sight. It was most peculiar...