September-October 2011

September-October 2011 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine

Teddy burgers Maui

Dining Highlights

OmmmMG! Check out these Maui restaurants.
Molokai mule ride

Molokai Mule Ride

Travel by mule down the world’s tallest sea cliffs to Kalaupapa Peninsula, the most isolated part of the major Hawaiian Islands, site of the former leper colony to which Father Damien gave his life.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

In praise of paint: The right use of color can accentuate an architectural detail or favorite possession, and create a sense of spaciousness or cozy warmth.
hawaii dolphins

Dancers of the Deep

Some eight species of dolphins call Hawaii’s waters home; one is the best twirling dolphin in the world.
best banana bread on maui

A tale of Two Banana Breads

Located on opposite ends of Maui island, Aunty Sandy and Julia sit at the center of a heated contest for Best Banana Bread in the World.
Kathy Collins as Tita

Tita Fashionistah

Our local authority shares her fashion advice on what the well-dressed tita wears—and why.
publisher's note

From the Publisher

MNKO’s publisher offers a sneak peek at the fashion-themed fall issue, introduces new staff and bids a fond farewell to others—all while balancing a giant rose on her head.