May-June 2009

May-June 2009 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine

South Shore Tiki Lounge

South Shore Tiki Lounge

South Shore Tiki Lounge delivers tasty, health-conscious bar food.
Chef Perry Bateman

2009 Chef of the Year: Perry Bateman

Unlike many of his colleagues, Chef Perry Bateman didn’t sharpen his knives in culinary school; he was raised in restaurants.
Paia inn

Room at the Inn

Pa‘ia Inn, a trendy new boutique hotel on Maui’s North Shore inhabits an antique building that has undergone a series of transformations before last year's striking renovation.
Hawaiian monk seal

Rough Water Pups

Look out for Hawai'i's official State Mammal; it's pupping time.
Hawaii Congregational Church

Kahakuloa Journey

West Maui's wild, windward coast boasts spectacular views, blowholes, and bell stones, a picturesque village--and a serpentine ride the makes the road to Hana seem tame.
Cafe Kapalua

Cafe Kapalua

Kapalua Resort's new cafe offers inspired daily specials, organic veggies, pasture-raised eggs, biodynamic wines and local beers.
Daniel Perreira Memorial Spearfishing Tournament

Go Fish

The Daniel Perreira Memorial Spearfishing Tournament pays tribute to children fighting cancer while celebrating family unity, ocean awareness and stewardship.
beach yoga

2009 Shaka List

From Honolua Bay to the happy-faced spider--25 reasons Maui rocks!
maui bride

Katie Got Married

Why this Minnesota bride is happy she wed on Maui--and thinks you should, too.
Tamara Catz wedding dress Maui

Romance of the Islands

Maui designer Tamara Catz brings tropical charm to the dress you'll say "I do" in.
maui publisher

Publisher’s Note

Real and metaphorical sharks.
Market Fresh Bistro

Market Fresh Bistro

Makawao gets a sophisticated bite to eat at it's newest bistro.
maui weddings

The Resort Reception

Choose to wed on Maui or its sister island, Lana‘i, and you’ll find myriad scenic settings in which to say “I do.”
kapalua wine and food

Sip, Swish, Spit

Play amateur sommelier at the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival.