May-June 2008

May-June 2008 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine

Hawaiian raspberry

We Give You the Raspberry

‘Akala, the native Hawaiian raspberry, is one of the native plants bringing life back to Poli Poli forest after last January’s devastating fire.

10 Most Intriguing People

They inspire and infuriate us, make us cheer or boo. But there's no denying their commitment to these islands they call home.
chef illustration

2008 Maui Chef of the Year Brian Etheredge

The votes are in: Chef Brian Etheredge is named Chef of the Year by his peers.
Tita Kathy Collins

Da Bes’ Fo Real Kine

Tita has writer's block, but comes out alive.
komoda's donuts

Donut Dynasty

Ninety-two years after Takezo Komoda started the family business, the last of the Makawao mom-n-pop stores is still winning customers, still making dough.
Hale Pa'i

Hale Pa’i

One hundred seventy-four years ago, Maui's first print shop published the first Hawaiian-language newspaper...and launched a small revolution.
Wine sommelier

Hot Tips on Cool Wines

Try as many wines as you can, to get a basis for comparison.
Chef Bev Gannon

Leading Ladies

Meet the women behind Maui's winning restaurants.
wedding rings

Ring Around Aloha

Flaunt your passion for each other--and Hawai'i--with tropically inspired custom wedding sets by island designers
Maui designer home


A beach house inspired by child's play
surfers illustration

Eh, Who Dat Ovah Deah?

As Maui moves into the twenty-first century, the unassuming nicknames of the past will likely evolve to suit our more frenetic and capitalistic times.
maui wedding sites

Say I Do to What’s New

Maui's wedding coordinators give the inside scoop on the latest wedding trends.
publisher's note

From the Publisher

It’s clear to me what I love most about Maui—our sense of connection: to our past, to our island culture and environment, most importantly, to each other.