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March-April 2022

March-April 2022 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine

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Polipoli farms Lehia and Brad

Finding Their Roots

How two homegrown farmers are working to save the future by looking to the past.
reef safe sunscreen info graphic

Save Your Skin — and Maui’s Sea Life

Beware of false claims: The terms “reef-safe” and “reef-friendly” are not regulated.
publisher's note

Love, Laugh & Live Pono

We need to honor the wisdom of our past in order to sustain our future.
cheeky monkey

Jungle Juice

The Cheeky Monkey transports you to a lazy, gently swaying hammock on Gilligan’s Island.
non traditional maui homes

When a Home Is not a House

Maui folks have been known to live quite happily in trees, caves, yurts, teepees, tack sheds, camper vans and Matson containers.