January-February 2013

January-February 2013 issue of Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine


Ko’s Signature Edamummus

Served as a complimentary starter, this appetizing Edamummus dip is a huge crowd-pleaser.
four seasons concierge

Concierge Confidential

Maui Four Seasons Concierge are certifiably the best on the island, and they must be nominated and pass rigorous tests to serve you.
Maui artist Douglas Chun

Beginner’s Mind

With discovery at the heart of his process, Maui abstract painter Douglas Chun draws inspiration from Chinese calligraphy and shoshin—a Zen Buddhist principle.
steak chimichurri

The Ultimate Match

For our annual luxury issue, we asked Riko Bartolome, a private chef in Kapalua, to share the recipe for a wonderful dish we had the pleasure of enjoying at a friend’s home.
Hawaiian sphinx moth

The Hawaiian Sphinx’s Riddle

Hawaiian Sphinx Moth is endangered and rare with many bright colors and can found in the winter months in a nocturnal environment.

Silver & Gold

Here's a trove of treasure for your abode.
silver shells

Awash in Style

A further look at the coastal-living style for home decor.
Kathy Collins as Tita

Da Las’ Word

Why I t’ink pidgin is da bes’ language. When come to words, pidgin is way mo’ efficient dan regulah English. An’ yeah, pidgin is one real language. Da real name is Hawaiian Creole English.

Writers, redux!

The redone Maui based writers conference, now the Aloha Writers conference launches at the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua featuring Kaui Heart Hemmings, John Lescroft, Jaquelyn Mitchard, Daine Lake and William Bernhardt.
publisher's note

Publisher’s Note

Maui No Ka Oi Publisher Diane Haynes Woodburn talks about the end of the world, tsunami warnings and desserts.