Business Savvy

Old Lahaina Luau's Michael Moore gives tips on great employee relations.


Ashley Stepanek

Michael-Moore-MauiMNKO queried Michael Moore, owner of Old Lahaina Lu‘au, for five pieces of advice on how to improve business practices and employee relations:

  1. When in doubt, go back to your product. If challenged by competition or marketing obstacles, go back to see what you can improve—those obstacles can be overcome when your customers recognize quality and value.
  2. Your greatest asset is your people. Invest time, money and energy to nurture them. There is a huge return on that investment.
  3. Recognize that you are part of a greater community and understand the obligation that comes with that. By giving, you don’t end up with less. The result benefits the community and thus your business, and employees and their families.
  4. Rather than thinking about profit and the bottom line, focus on service and quality. Profit will come naturally.
  5. If you build an environment of high trust and integrity, anything is possible.


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