2016 Shaka List

20 Things We Love About Maui


13 Upcountry Farmers Market

This bonanza of fresh veggies and flowers has been around for four decades in various incarnations, but in the last two years it’s really blossomed. Every Saturday, the parking lot at the Kulamalu Town Center overflows with vendors selling ripe papayas, bouquets of kale, liliko‘i butter, flowering succulents, live music, and much more. 7-11 a.m.


14 Tin Roof Maui

Stop by Sheldon and Janice Simeon’s new eatery for crazy delicious mochiko chicken, pork belly, and fresh takes on Filipino comfort food. Stellar extras: “dime bags” of crunchy furikake and chocolate birthday cake bibingka sprinkled with pop rocks that explode in your mouth. ‘Onolicious! Order online to skip the wait. 360 Papa Place, Kahului; 808-868-0753; TinRoofMaui.com

15 Holoholo Bookmobile

We love the Maui Friends of the Library. If it weren’t for the MFOL volunteers, Central Maui would be without a bookstore — a fate too horrible to imagine. Browse the shelves at any one of their three locations islandwide to score dog-eared volumes of Shakespeare, Milton, and Hawaiian collectibles for 25¢ and up. The newest reason to love MFOL? With $280k raised at their bookstores, the volunteers purchased a library on wheels christened “Holoholo,” Hawaiian for “cruising.” It’s staffed with a full-time librarian and stocked with books to borrow. Keep an eye out for it in your neighborhood! MFOL.org

16 Hawaiian Humpback Whale Recovery

Pop the champagne! Thanks to the international ban on commercial whaling and other protections, the population of humpback whales that winter in the Hawaiian Islands grew from 4,000 to 10,000. The charismatic cetaceans migrated right off of the Endangered Species List this fall! To appreciate this milestone, duck your head under water. Hold your breath and listen to these mysterious giants of the deep sing to one another. Whoa. Or eavesdrop on their live conversation at WhaleSong.net. Photo by Jason Moore



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