2016 Shaka List

20 Things We Love About Maui


5 T. Komoda Store & Bakery

Happy 100th birthday to our favorite Makawao mom-and-pop shop! Don’t leave Maui without a box full of Komoda’s stick donuts and cream puffs sealed with their telltale yellow tape. 3674 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao; 808-572-7261

6 Stand-up paddling

When we featured this addictive watersport in 2007, the fad was so new, we didn’t know what to call it! (We opted for paddle-surfing.) Now SUP is ubiquitous; the silhouettes gliding across the horizon are poetry in motion. Photo by Jason Moore


7 Three flavors of sand

Below: red (Kaihalulu), golden (Mākena State Beach Park), and black (Wai‘ānapanapa State Beach Park). Photos by Bob Bangerter

8 Dark skies

Light pollution has effectively erased the night sky over much of the United States. Not so on Maui. Tilt your head towards the Milky Way. Drink in the stars, the yet-unexplored galaxies, and ponder your small spot in this infinite universe. Photo by Mike Neal



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