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Stalking The Delectable Vegetable

When you think of your favorite dishes, vegetables probably don’t top the list. Sure, they’re good for you, but are they yummy? As our intrepid reporter discovers, it’s all in the preparation.

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And on the Seventh Day, the Lord Went to the Booch for Mango Crepes with Coconut Cardamom Mousse and a Love Buzz,
And It Was Good. . . .

—Scott Johnson, Boochologist

Maui Kombucha is my go-to place when I need rejuvenating, or just love-love-love. It’s located at the rear of the old Shishido Juice Cannery in Haʻikū town’s Aloha ʻĀina Center. Grab a fizzy, healthful, fresh-island-fruit- or herb-infused kombucha on-tap; they’re both guaranteed to rev your engines and help you dance through your day. Nearly all the fruits, vegetables, herbs, coconuts and macadamia nuts are sourced locally: vegetables, greens and herbs from Hale Akua Farms in Huelo; fresh macadamia nuts from Waiheʻe Valley Plantation; GMO-free corn comes from farmer Sam Rosenbaum. Upcountry Fitness trainer Jordan Kolton’s huge garden fills the rest of the needs of this popular establishment. Owners Jan Swatzke and Chris Burke’s love for great-tasting live and cooked vegan food is turning this cafe into a buzzing community hub for breakfast-all-day sweet Hawaiian toast: a banana-bread bed with layers of almond butter, coconut meringue, seasonal-fruit jam, and fresh bananas. For lunch, you may find “Alfredo pizza” (zucchini bread topped with nut cheeses and savory, herb-infused portobello “sausage”), rainbow roll sushi, and corn fajitas with chipotle sour cream and Mexi-slaw.

Maui Kombucha’s menu changes daily, with three lunch specials and a dinner special served after 5 p.m. Desserts are a must; my favorite is a luscious lime coconut mousse cake on a hazelnut, hemp seed, and cashew crust. It’s live, airy and bursting with flavor. Or how about a banana-coconut crepe with raw hazelnut sauce? Go to the ‘Booch and get yours today!

810 Kokomo Rd., Ha‘ikū
(808) 575-5233 •
Monday–Friday 8 am–8 pm • Saturday & Sunday 10 am–5 pm