Maui No Ka 'Oi Magazine September-October 2014 - September-October 2014
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Hale Pa'i

One hundred seventy-four years ago, Maui's first print shop published the first Hawaiian-language newspaper...and launched a small revolution.

photo by Jason Moore

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A siren fractures the afternoon calm, and Lahainaluna students pour from a dozen school buildings on their way to their next class. Across the parking lot, all but forgotten, an old stone structure sits in quiet contrast to the bustle of campus. If you asked, the students could tell you that it’s Hale Pa‘i, the little print shop that opened in 1834, soon after the founding of their alma mater, the oldest school west of the Rockies.

Not that most of them have such ancient history on their minds. Gadgets of the modern age absorb their attention: IPods, cell phones, BlackBerries. But 174 years ago, Hale Pa‘i—“the house of printing”—brought a wondrous new technology to the island. And what it wrought so long ago may yet change their tomorrow.