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Aug 31, 201212:17 PMThe Saucy Dish

Foodie Fodder with Island Flavor

Cane and Taro Is Now Maui Fish and Pasta

Cane and Taro Is Now Maui Fish and Pasta

Maui Fish and Pasta Logo

Maui Fish and Pasta (formerly Cane and Taro)- Whaler’s Village, Kaanapali, Maui

When D.K. Kodama (of Sansei fame) opened Cane and Taro in Whaler’s Village a few years back, Kaanapali residents and visitors gave a collective cheer at the thought of accessing Sansei style sushi at yet another stellar outlet helmed by the famed restaurateur. But something happened along the way and in the attempt to be all things to too many diners, Cane and Taro didn’t quite catch on.

That was then. The restaurant has been recently reinvented and renamed Maui Fish and Pasta. Though it still lacks a gripping moniker, (why not just D.K.’s?) the eatery has evolved from being a secondary option for Hula Grill’s overflow crowds to becoming self-sufficiently booked as tight as Sansei on Sundays. The fact I couldn't get a reservation before 8 pm indicates they ae now headed in a very good direction. That we've eaten there twice in as many weeks tells you even more.

So far, I’ve heard nary a complaint from any of my dining companions about the food (and they don’t hold back, believe me!) Rather, I’ve heard raves about the enormous and amazingly tender Osso buco, the ravioli appetizer with buttery pesto and grilled shrimp, the Opakapaka with bok choy and Thai chili (one of six fresh fish preparations), the sweet Maui onion soup, and the too-good-to-be-good-for-you crisply fried kale.

Typically, my main squeeze finishes all his food plus the balance of whatever is left on my plate, but the other night he was adequately sated with osso buco to spare, which he packed up in a to-go box hoping for a lunch time treat on Monday. Too bad – instead it served as breakfast for yours truly in what is known as the “leftovers so good you wake up wanting last night’s dinner again for breakfast” syndrome, aka in some circles as “that devil DK made me do it.”

Maui Fish and Pasta’s mesmerizing ocean views were equally as predominant during its Cane and Taro period, as were the trade winds blowing through the open-air restaurant, but for some reason we appreciate these elements all the more now that the cuisine matches the ambiance.

We also respect the fresh ingredients used to make the lilikoi mojitos and a host of elegantly crafted tropical drinks. Save room for the Banana Chocolate Mac Nut Tart, a surprisingly light but decadent dessert sporting a shortbread crust banana chunks in a creme anglaise fillinng that's nothing short of scrumptious.

Maui Fish & Pasta

(808) 662-0668

2435 Ka'anapali Parkway







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Born and raised in the Midwest, Marti first traveled to exotic locations without leaving her parents’ kitchen. She and her father spent weekends trying out recipes for everything from homemade pasta to Swedish rye bread to coq au vin . . . endeavors unheard of in an age of convenience foods and white bread.

A love of food and travel has taken our intrepid food writer to every continent on the globe, every state in the Union except Idaho, and to sixty-seven different food-loving countries. “The world is always exciting for a foodie,” she says. “There’s always the next meal to look forward to, the next ‘it’ ingredient to discover.”

Although she’s embraced the Internet, Marti cherishes her vast collection of recipes clipped from newspaper food sections or handwritten by friends, and spiral-bound church-group recipe books foraged at flea markets. “A few years back I came across a recipe for a neighbor’s apple cake, written in her familiar hand. Not only could I recall the scent of the cake baking in her kitchen, but also the smell of her perfume.”

Marti hopes to write a book of favorite places and recipes with stories about those who made them special. “When I have the time. . . .”




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